slideshow images belmont slide 3DJ Roberts Laundromat has a full range of laundry services.  Conveniently located on the Daniel Webster Highway (NH Route 3) in Belmont, NH directly across from the Home Beautiful.

Laundromat Hours
Our Laundromat is open 7 days a week:
 — Every day from 5am to midnight

Attendants are on duty 7 days a week:
 — Mon-Sat from 8am-7pm
 — Sundays from 9am-7pm

Please take notice...
Our doors lock automatically at 12am!

See Laundromat Services page for more info
Questions or Concerns
Call us at...

 603 524-2684

We Accept

payments accepted

We have two ways to help save you money:

For frequent laundromat customers, save
on EVERY wash and dry cycle with our:
 —  Loyalty Card Program
Use the SpyderWash App for even more
convenience than ever with your laundry.

For occasional laundry customers, get $3.50
off your next load after six loads using our:
—  Punch Card Program

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